Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A Day at the Beach

The beach glass and shells were collected over the years from beaches in California and New England. The sand is from Hawaii, carefully carried back by a dear friend especially for this ornament.

I love beach glass and all I’ve ever done with it is keep it in a jar. I don’t have the means to drill holes in glass and truly wasn’t interested in learning, just imagining the sound was enough to discourage me, tried beading a bezel, was successful but it was too slow. Next, remembered having fairly good luck working with wire when I made Beaded Goddesses several years ago. Although at the time I thought the wire seemed to have a mind of its own….like a Ouija Board, it seems like the spirits are moving it when in reality the slightest pressure is bringing about those wonderful results.

Playing with Wire and wrapping glass turned out to be lots of fun. These pieces are all done with practice wire. I’ve since bought sterling but have yet to try it. Had to get the ornament done first.

Hope you have enjoyed your time at the beach.

Cookie from Williams-Sonoma