Friday, December 16, 2011

December 2011 Stocking

While beading the January snowflake stocking, I kept thinking about a friend who was expecting her first child in March. I was sure it would be a boy and it was. Baby O entered the world on March 18. I gave the stocking to him for his first Christmas.

Now, another friend is expecting her first in April, 2012. She already knows it is a girl so I decided to finish out the year in the way it began. The Momma-to-be loves pink and bling so I have created this little stocking for Christmas 2012 for Baby V. I'm sure she will like it. The cuff is over-beaded with Swarovski 3 mm crystals in pink AB.

Hope you have enjoyed the stocking project as much as I have creating them.

Happy Holidays

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hot enough?

Tired of the sweltering summer? Ready to cool off? Well, sit back, close your eyes and picture a crisp winter day, beautiful blue skies and fresh snow on the ground. Put on your boots and mittens, leave the shovels in the garage (remember, this is a day dream) and go outside and play. Already, I'm sure you are feeling how about going back to your younger self and make some snow angels? What about a snowman in the front yard? Nothing symbolizes fun in the snow more than snow angels and snowmen.

Now, open your eyes and PRESTO.... a snowman !!!!

This little guy was a lot of fun to bead and to date, my favorite stocking....hope you like it too.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scrabble Question

The other night, I was behind coming into the final 2 rounds of a scrabble game. Again, like the amazing coup of using my QUEUEUE reported recently, there was open space in the upper right hand corner and with 5 tiles left, I was able to tie into an N and made the word ENTS, which also made two other words as well as a double word score for a grand total of 48 points. Hubby was not happy and challenged the word. Even though it wasn't in the dictionary we use, I kept the points for a win and he stills doubts the validity of it. I explained that ENTS are tree people and said if he would read J R R Tolkien or do the New York Times crossword puzzle, he would know that. Question is: Would you Scrabble players out there have let me keep the points?

Sorry no photo, didn't think about it until after I was putting the game away.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Getting near the end of a very frustrating game of Scrabble where I kept getting good point tiles but basically none of the highly coveted STARLINE tiles (A E I L N R T S), I ended up with Q U E. Imagine my surprise (and angst) when I picked my 4 tiles and ended up with this:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mysterious Messages

Two weeks ago, on a Monday, I found this Smile card in my mailbox. On the back is a heart and the words With Love.

Last Monday, this I Dare You card was there. Same heart and words on the back. When I saw the mailman, I asked him if others were getting them as well. He said most of the houses on my street got them.

In the meantime, I bought Martha Stewart's May issue of Living and wanted to try the Pop-Up Bouquet card. Went to her web-site to see if there was a video as Step One seemed a little confusing. There is no video but did see a card that had little tissue flowers that I liked. While working on the cards this morning, started thinking about the mysterious messages arriving in my mailbox.

I'm not one to let a challenge of this type go unanswered so decided to combine the two cards and will leave it in my mailbox today. I'm thinking the cards are being "delivered" sometime after the Saturday mail is picked up and before it's delivered again on Monday.

I hope the unknown "sender" enjoys the card.