Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mysterious Messages

Two weeks ago, on a Monday, I found this Smile card in my mailbox. On the back is a heart and the words With Love.

Last Monday, this I Dare You card was there. Same heart and words on the back. When I saw the mailman, I asked him if others were getting them as well. He said most of the houses on my street got them.

In the meantime, I bought Martha Stewart's May issue of Living and wanted to try the Pop-Up Bouquet card. Went to her web-site to see if there was a video as Step One seemed a little confusing. There is no video but did see a card that had little tissue flowers that I liked. While working on the cards this morning, started thinking about the mysterious messages arriving in my mailbox.

I'm not one to let a challenge of this type go unanswered so decided to combine the two cards and will leave it in my mailbox today. I'm thinking the cards are being "delivered" sometime after the Saturday mail is picked up and before it's delivered again on Monday.

I hope the unknown "sender" enjoys the card.